Posted by WrestleUTA on 1 Jan 2017

Throughout the history of WrestleUTA, there has always been a history of a secondary title to help mark a strong up and comer to the throne.  Some older fans remember "Southern Rebel" Ron Hall and Mr. Fantastic both holding the Intercontinental title prior to becoming World Champion, and other more recent fans might recall Alex Beckman's dominance over the Prodigy championship before she challenged La Flama Blanca for the World title.   

There has been talk of the company possibly bringing back or creating a secondary championship in a the not too distant future.  It is hoped that this title will liven up the rankings a little or as some belts have done, add a name to the list of "future World Champion(s)".   These discussions are only in the preliminary stages with nothing set yet, but 2017 is starting so that could change and soon.  

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