Posted by WrestleUTA on 20 Dec 2016

After a long winding road, we have reached the finals of the tournament for the vacant WrestleUTA World Heavyweight Championship. It all comes down to the very popular and charasmatic "King of Scottish Style" Andy Murray going one on one with management's handpicked golden boy Jessie Fredricks Kendrix or JFK.

The ultimate variable here is as it has been will be the involvement of the owner of the UTA, Mikey Unlikely who has done everything to ensure JFK's success short of handing him a bye to the finals.  If Mr. Unlikely gets involved at the level he has been, I don't see how Murray can hope to leave with the WrestleUTA World title in a little over a week's time.

If Crimson Lord or someone else is able to keep the Boss out of the equation and the match comes down to who is better, than even Mr. Unlikely's best laid plans can go array and "The King of Scottish Style could find himself wearing a title belt steeped deep in tradition and history.

Crimson Lord, La Flama Blanca, Sean Jackson, Matt Fury Sr. and Mr. Fantastic are just a few who have held the company's ultimate prize, the question here is who will join them in this elite fraternity?  

Don't miss out, tune in to Hulu on the 27th for what could be the match of the year. 

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