Posted by WrestleUTA on 14 Dec 2016

To: The Fans of WrestleUTA.

I am writing as the sole owner, proprietor, and talent relations agent, Of WrestleUTA (Wrestle United Toughness Alliance Inc.)

I have no doubt that many of you have read and/or heard about a very vulgar tweet regarding events that occurred at the WrestleUTA on Hulu episode 10, this past Tuesday evening. Obviously, this tweet paints not only one of our roster members but also our entire organization in a very bad light.

I was at the event in question and was present for much of what was discussed in the tweet.  While we, WrestleUTA, Always try to come up with new and exciting ways to connect with our fan base, as well as give our wrestlers a voice to speak on things near and dear to their heart — we acknowledge that Chris Ross did say some things towards WrestleUTA ownership and fans that crossed the line of what is appropriate and acceptable. We all sincerely regret all such comments. We are sorry that the behavior of some members of our team overshadowed what was a great sporting spectacle. Such comments are not representative of the values of our company’s core beliefs or those of Mikey Unlikely, himself.

Chris Ross has taken full responsibility for his actions and this experience has forced him to think more about sportsmanship, spectator standards and, specifically, how we can ensure that these ideals are upheld in the future at WrestleUTA events and in the public eye. As a result we are pursuing an initiative involving Chris Ross, He will be participating in 8 hours of Anger Management, as well as paying a hefty fine, in order to continue his WrestleUTA career. He has been warned, any further comments against management may result in higher fans, or termination, or a punishment decided by WrestleUTA management. If there is anyone who would like to be involved with this initiative please let us know.

Again, we are sorry to those who feel let down by our actions and to those who were offended by Mr. Ross. WrestleUTA has had a long tradition of being a positive influence on the National television market, and our local Florida communities and we hope to ensure this continues.

Mikey Unlikely


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