Posted by WrestleUTA on 7 Nov 2016

At the end of the most recent UTA on Hulu, it was revealed that the now former GM Ron Hall's last signing prior to his demotion was Will "The Thrill" Haynes.  This is not sitting well with the WrestleUTA's new ownership and the legal department has spent the better part of the week looking for a way to get out of this deal.

It has been confirmed that the new boss apparently has some scheme in mind to make sure that Mr. Haynes return to the WrestleUTA is a short one.  It is being speculated that Mr. Unlikely is scowering his connections all over the world to find a man to make the upcoming WrestleUTA on Hulu Will's last night in the promotion.

We do not have anything solid as to who the mystery man might be, but knowing the boss, his pool of resources is as deep as his pockets so this will be interesting to see.

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