Posted by WrestleUTA on 8 Nov 2016

As if the return and readmission of the Dibbins brothers on a try out basis wasn't surprising enough, the UTA's talent relation department is apparently getting desperate for talent if this one is true.

There is word going around that Jack Hunter...  yes the Street Fighter Jack Hunter is possibly on his way back to the UTA.  The word going around is that some how, a talent scout found Jack Street Fighting... an alien spaceship in Area 51 and Jack has been inquiring about a contract.  We're not sure how he managed to email the UTA or call them but we can confirm that he did sign them as he signed them #THESUPPRBADSTGR8TESTBESTEVER  and #SUPERTAL8NTDNDBRILIANT

Just another day dealing with talent in the largest promotion in the world. Keep your eyes on this one.


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