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WrestleUTA Exclusive with Hall of Famer Crimson Lord after his match with Jay Harvey

Backstage at Absolution, the WrestleUTA Staff Jon Larver conducts an exclusive interview with Crimson Lord in the medical office. In the background you can hear Andy Murray’s theme song “Hail to the King BABY”. Dr. Clark is checking on Crimson left shoulder, as Jon walks into the office.

Dr. Leticia Clark: Any pain there?

Crimson looks over his shoulder rolling his shoulder back a bit with a slight groan under his breathe.

Crimson: Just a little.

Dr. Clark holds Crimson’s arm out front of him to test Crimson’s pain threshold.

Dr. Leticia Clark: Any pain in this direction?

Crimson shakes his head. Dr. Clark raises Crimson arm out to the side, Crimson once more shakes his head and looks at Jon who comes into view.

Larver: Crimson can I get a word with you?

Dr. Clark continues to examine Crimson.

Crimson: What is it Jonathan?

Larver: Well, I like to get your thoughts on losing to Jay Harvey tonight and your chance to become #1 contender again?

Crimson: Thoughts…..I blame myself, I’ll give it to Jay the man can take a beating and survive. I gave him probably the worse beating since he showed up here in WrestleUTA...Ow!

Crimson quickly looks at the doctor.

Dr. Leticia Clark: It seems you might have some bruising in your pectoral muscle to your brachialis muscle. You should be fine, just take it easy for a while.

Larver: What do you think you could have done better tonight Crimson?

Crimson rotates his shoulder a bit slightly clenching his teeth for a moment then looks back at Jon.

Crimson: I don’t know Jonathan, I had Jay beat and again that trip to the asylum late last year has once again come back and plagued me yet again. I do not know who I am anymore. I either let my emotions get the best of me, or become like some dog spayed…..

Larver looks a bit confused.

Larver: What are you talking about?

Crimson looks down clearly disappointed in himself.

Crimson: Maybe it's time I stop trying to be someone I am not, clearly it has not worked.

Crimson begins to unlace his boots.

Crimson: Look Johnathan I need sometime to myself.  I need to think about where I go from here, if you don’t mind see yourself out.

Larver nods at Crimson clearly the seven foot legend is at a crossroads and he doesn’t want to push him any further with more questions.

Larver: Absolutely…

Jon begins to leave and looks over his shoulder toward Crimson pulling his boot off still feeling the effects of the assault on his shoulder as he does it.

Larver: For what it's worth Crimson, the fans all support you and are behind you just don’t forget that.

Larver smiles toward Crimson who looks up at Larver, as Jon leaves the room.

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