WrestleUTA on Hulu Episode 19!
Richmond Coliseum - Richmond, Virginia
Tuesday, May 9th, 2017.

Michael Byrd vs Duke Dibbins
Michael Byrd returns from his recent suspension handed down from Mikey Unlikely, for a failed performance enhancement drug test, and looks to clear his name with a big win on television. Duke Dibbins looks to rebound from the slew of recent losses, he and his 'Brousin' have encountered in their latest run in WrestleUTA.

The Gauntlet
On the last WrestleUTA on Hulu episode, Mikey Unlikely made a deal with Andy Murray. If he can defeat the Gauntlet, he becomes the number one contender for the WrestleUTA World Championship, and gets his rematch with Kendrix at WrestleUTA's next big Pay Per View, Absolution! Who will Andy Murray face? and can he overcome the multiple men who stand in the way of what he feels is his destiny!?

Impulse vs Kendrix: WrestleUTA World Championship
After defeating Chris Ross, one on one at No Love Lost last month, Impulse has been on the short list for a title match for some time. If his history in the business isn't enough, he's been on a tear since arriving in WrestleUTA. He finally gets his chance one on one with the champion! Will the fan favorite win the match, the title, and move on to Absolution as champion!? Or will Jesse Fredricks Kendrix pull off another major victory and his second title defense in the Richmond Coliseum?