WrestleUTA on Hulu Episode 17!
Greensboro Coliseum Complex - Greensboro, North Carolina
Tuesday, April 25th, 2017.

Chris Ross vs Theo Baylor
After a week out of action Chris Ross is back in the WrestleUTA ring, and this time the boss takes on a new opponent! Theo Baylor, who is in need of a major win is going to try to take the Boss to task!

Crimson Lord vs Dylan Daniels
Crimson Lord is livid after last week and ready to get his hands on THE Jay Harvey, in this match however, he'll have to take out his frustrations on one Dylan Daniels, who is looking to shock the Hulu audience by taking down the resident "Big Man" in WrestleUTA.

Jack Harmen vs Scott Stevens
Jack Harmen makes his highly anticipated WrestleUTA debut in a one on one match with a man who was just on top of the Legacy Title rankings. Scott Stevens is focused and ready after last weeks big win. Will Jestal (who has his sights set on Stevens) rear his ugly head in this one!?

Jestal vs THE Jay Harvey
THE Jay Harvey won his Legacy title in an amazing ladder match, but now that the ladder is gone, can he RETAIN against WrestleUTA's mood enhancer? Jestal looks to take a HUGE step in his career, winning the WrestleUTA Legacy Championship in this title match main event!