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Wrestling Info

Manager:  The Holy Roller
Entrance Music:  ”You Only Live Once” - Suicide Silence  
Ring Entrances: 
The drums of ”You Only Live Once” by Suicide Silence erupt through darkness as spotlights fall on the man at the entryway.


Announcer: Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 263 pounds...

Pyrotechnics light along the entry to the ring area.


Announcer: The most unhinged man in professional sports...

Turk turns to face the crowd and is showered with jeers nearly drowning out the ring announcer.

Announcer: The Psycho Personified - TURK!

Turk rushes the ring and slides under the ropes and standing in nearly all one swift move. He's followed to ringside by Dr. Bill Daley, his therapist and manager. The jeers continue louder as he mounts the turnbuckles and smiles maniacally at the ringside fans while his music drives on. His wild smile only interrupted by blowing kisses to select fans, pointing and laughing at their reactions.


Announcer: Turk is accompanied to ringside by his manager, Doctor Bill Daley!

The Doc takes a bow and is showered with just as many jeers and hisses from the crowd. Daley smiles and laughs a little at the pop.

The music drives on as Turk dismounts the ropes, flinches at the ring announcer causing him to startle and quickly part the ropes to exit as Daley and Turk laugh together.


Turk then paces around the ring mocking the fact his waist is empty and looking quizzically into the crowd as if; "Where's my title?" Daley shakes his head scornfully in reply to the obvious injustice.


Turk's music then begins to fade while he chooses a corner to lounge in while waiting for the bout to start, and Doc Daley exits the ring. 

Wrestling Style:  Brawler