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Will Haynes Biography


Real Name:  William P. Haynes  
Nicknames:  the THRILL, the THRILLMAKER, the THRILL-I-AM  
Hometown:  Athens, Georgia  
Birthday:  March 20th 1983  
Height:  6'2  
Weight:  240 lbs 


Biography:  Will "the THRILL" Haynes was born in North Carolina but is billed as being from his favorite town in the United States, Athens, Georgia. His childhood friend, Coleslaw Jenkins, had an aunt who lived in the college town, and frequently during their younger years the Twosome would raise some hell with the local co-eds.

It was in his teenage years that Haynes found afriend in the world of organized violence. Years in some boxing training, at the hands of his Uncle, helped him stay out of trouble in high school. Upon graduation he joined his first wrestling promotion, working to set up the ring, break it down, even sweeping in between matches. Anything he could do to save some bills and leave the North Carolina town in which he was raised.

Only six months into touring with a small indy company, he got his first break. Due to a hurricane down South, someone missed a connecting flight and he was pressed into action. He lasted five whole mintutes against a veteran of the regional circuits and was signed to the active roster.

After working himself through the regional federations in the South, Haynes sought to make a name for himself in the highly acclaimed, XWF. He held a few titles, made a little noise, but failed to register as one of the heavy hitters, as it seemed to be a theme for the THRILLmaker in the early goings of his career.

After XWF it was onto the Chaos Heat Zone, a crown jewel of the Revolution Wrestling Network. There he joined forces with the Master of Evil, Vic Slater, serving in Slater's cult like stable, the Body. Rumor had it that Haynes, distraught with Slater's actions, asked for his release from the company but Matt Helms, head of the CHZ, former PTC legend, would have none of it and Haynes was forced to remain on the active roster. There till the bitter end of the CHZ, Haynes saw some mild success amongst the "lower tier" titles the company had, but still failed to register a career defining win.

It wasn't until Inferno Wrestling, then called the Inferno Wrestling Federation, that Haynes would capture his first World Title. On the first card the company ever had, Haynes would out wit, out last, AND out play six other men to become the first Heavyweight Champion in company history. The glitz and the glamour of Las Vegas would cause Haynes to revisit several old drug habits and after nearly a year Haynes was ejected from the fed. His contract terminated due to disagreements with management.

Left without a home Haynes did what he's done his entire life, travel South. There he found Force 1 Wrestling. While serving under it's Cowboy owner Haynes flourished. He wrestled five star matches. He even met a girl. He up rooted his life and purchased a house in Nashville, however due to bad business dealings Force 1 closed forever. Leaving Haynes holding the Number One Contendership to its Heavyweight Title and questioning his place in a constantly changing business.

He was offered a contract quickly and signed with Uncensored Wrestling. Haynes lasted one show before a creative difference caused the THRILL to leave.

This lead the THRILL to Wrestle UTA, where in a year he's flourished. Notable moments include winning the Legacy Title in the All or Nothing Match, facing off for the Number One Contender to the then World Championship, and forming WTFC with Mikey Unlikely, Doozer, and Bobby Dean.

Haynes was put on the shelf earlier this summer with several injuries at the hands of Eric Dane and Mikey Unlikely. Now Haynes is recovered and is back looking for revenge. He's here to tell his rivals, his competition, and the naysayers that he's not dead yet. 
Other Feds:  CHZ, Inferno, F1W, UNCENSORED  
Other Fed Titles:   
Other Fed Awards:   


  • "I'm not dead yet."
  • I ain't gonna judge you. Someone will get t' that much later. Me? All I'm gonna do. Is beat you.
  • "Cause right now I don't believe a thing - just like the rest a' Hollywood."

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