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Werewolf Biography


Real Name:  Gunnar MacKenzie  
Nicknames:  the Howling Horror  
Hometown:  the Orkney Isles, Scotland  
Birthday:  4th of July, 1992  
Height:  5'8"  
Weight:  197 lbs 


Biography:  Gunnar MacKenzie is a Scottish prodigy of a wrestler encased in a small shell. He grew up with little man syndrome but it never got him very far with the brutish Scottish lads he grew up with on the Orkney Isles. He turned to wrestling, meeting a retired veteran on the Island and eventually made his way to the mainland where he had some success in Britain before being discovered by American talent scouts. 
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Superstar Quote

"Everyone in Solitary Confinement snaps eventually!"

- Conrad Teller

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