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Real Name:  Unknown  
Nicknames:  The Midnight King  
Hometown:  Parts Unknown  
Birthday:  Unknown  
Height:  6'7  
Weight:  312 lbs 


Biography:  Nirvana has been wrestling for over two decades. He has held countless titles in his many years but his brutality is the most striking thing about him. Old, grumpy and dangerous; Nirvana is quick to violence most times. Tough and seemingly immortal among commen men, Nirvana's biggest enemy has always been himself. His ego, while not undeserved, is through the roof. Death match wrestling and the hardcore style are his loves, so much that he earned the nickname "King of the Death Match" although he prefers the simpler, Midnight King. His love of death match wrestling has cost him much, physically and emotionally. Most of his family have disowned him. Most recently he faced his second divorce. His grand daughter, the masked Luchadore Lisa King, and his bodyguard, the Amazon Pistola, are the only two people he had left until Ningyo entered his life. The two quickly became lovers.

Ningyo convinced Nirvana it was time to go truly professional. In all his years of wrestling Nirvana has never been a part of a global wrestling promotion. He made his name wrestling regional and international circuits. Now, for the first time ever, the fans will finally see Nirvana enter UTA. It's been a few decades coming and Nirvana knows he has to start from the bottom, but the rise to the top is always sweet.

Nirvana is an oldschool villain like one you'd see in the seventies and eighties. He knows he's the bad guy and likes to cut corners in his matches. Still, outside of the ring he can be oddly enduring. Proof of this can be seen in his weekly column found at and on his Twitter feed.

God only knows how the old bastard figured out Twitter. No one really knows what happened to Ningyo, either. She just seemed to fade from Nirvana's life, like most things he loves.