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Uncle Rocky Biography


Real Name:  Jason Rockefeller  
Nicknames:  The Bombastic Brawler  
Hometown:  Eugene, OR (Born in Liverpool UK)  
Birthday:  March 15, 1982  
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  240 lbs 


Biography:  Jason Rockefeller is a former actor, who starred in several SyFy Channel and direct-to-video movies. This wasn't steady work, so he also worked part-time as a 911 operator, and went to wrestling school on the side.

One evening, he took a call from a boy claiming to be a robot whose creator wanted to dismantle him. He reported it as a prank. Two days later, he was fired, because it turns out the boy was autistic and was being abused by his caretaker.

Guilt-ridden, Jason visited the boy in the hospital. The boy's name was Peter, and when he first woke up, he immediately started calling Jason "Uncle Rocky", for reasons that Jason has never uncovered to this day. Jason drew on his experience as an actor to play along with Peter's delusion.

A few years later, FIW was graced with the first appearance of Uncle Rocky, and his pal Robot Pete. While often labeled as "children's show hosts", both Rocky and Pete are quick to point out that their act is "for friends of ALL ages!" 
Other Feds:  FIW, Boardwalk Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles:  BW Atlantic City Champion (1x), BW Anarchy Champion (8x)  
Other Fed Awards:  ORC 2014 Breakout Wrestler Of The Year  


  • The only REAL difference between Shakespeare and wrestling, is that nobody heckles a performance of Hamlet complaining that the sword fights are fake.
  • [on the subject of Robot Pete's e-fedding hobby] ANOTHER great example of a distraction! I mean, seriously, you wrestle for a living, why do you feel like you also need to write immature power fantasies with a bunch of barely-literate e-slackers?

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