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Turk Biography


Real Name:  Ryan Dunston  
Nicknames:  "The Psycho"  
Hometown:  Chicago  
Birthday:  3/11/1983  
Height:  6'3''  
Weight:  265 lbs 


Biography:  Turk is a split personality of Ryan Dunston. Ryan is an early-thirties mentally retarded man from Chicago, Illinois. Ryan has approximately the same brain ability of an eleven-year-old child. In elementary school Ryan was faced with bullies, and general rejection from everyone. To cope and defend himself, after an especially traumatic event, Turk appeared. Even then when “their” age was around 12, Turk seemed to be fully adult, and possess the mental capacity of an average person. Turk confronted Ryan’s bullies, and in no uncertain terms, vanquished them all. Breaking arms, choking bully’s little sisters to the point of unconsciousness, setting household pets aflame in full view of authority figures; Turk somehow understood the strategic path to victory was utter and total installation of crippling fear. Ryan had lost all control by the age of fifteen.

Ryan’s hero was an unhinged villain.

Finally, during a third stint in juvenile detention, Ryan was diagnosed with split personality disorder, and it was completely clear that Ryan had not been “around” for some time. Through therapy and medication therapists were able to get Turk to regress, and bring Ryan back into the dominant personality. After years in institutions Ryan’s older brother Michael obtained custody, and brought Ryan home. It was during this time that Ryan went off his medication, and awoke one morning standing over a friend’s unconscious grandmother with his hands deep in her purse.

Turk had returned.
Other Feds:  LoC, Asylum, uW  
Other Fed Titles:  uW: Wire Champion, Universal Champion // LoC: Underground Champion  
Other Fed Awards:   


  • That giraffe had it coming.
  • It doesn’t matter because once you do, you’ve joined me here. Within the darkness, and I’ve won. Three-count or not - I’ve won. Because that memory unwinds inside you and you’ll relive flashes of it. Teeth clenching, white-knuckled memories you’ve left alone until now. Embarrassing, flushing-red horrific moments you thought were gone. Buried behind therapy, smiling birthdays, joyous family mementos, and happy Christmas dinners- that darkness lives within you. I live within you now. Sunday will come and in the alone moments after you’ll have been exposed to a side of yourself you thought defeated. A place within you that you thought long destroyed - demons resurrected because of choices you’ll have to make if you’re going to cross the line to truly stop me.
  • I am a failure. I am a failure if judged by the black and white of wins and losses.
  • If you’ll excuse me I have to go take a ‘Hightower'.

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