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Real Name:   
Nicknames:  The Dooze, Doozy, DREAM's Savior, Doozerman  
Hometown:  Boston, Mass  
Birthday:  2/28/1973  
Height:  6ft 3  
Weight:  278 lbs 


Biography:  Doozer was born not long before opening day of the 1973 season. His 18 year old alcoholic parents, die-hard Red Sox fans, took him to the opener. Go figure, they left him at the game after getting shit-faced. The staff at the park unofficially adopted the toddler and coined him 'Doozer' because he became such a hard worker growing up. Not far into his life, he made a friend... another kid who got abandoned at a game. Doozer called him The Dude since he was wearing a t-shirt that said 'Dude' on it. He probably had a pair of stoned stupid parents. From The Dude's natural personality... it's a safe bet. Doozer and The Dude grew up loving two things; the Red Sox and wrestling.

Skipping ahead, after failing to become the great ball players they always longed to be, the two of them decided to ultimately try their luck wrestling as a tag team back in 1997. The Dude ended up getting messed up from taking way too many drugs during their quick rise to fame and had to stop wrestling to attend multiple rehabs. Doozer, once his friend was well and not wanting to leave him behind, went to singles competition and brought The Dude along as his manager. Since then he's had much success in the industry highlighted by a Dream Wrestling Federation Hall of Fame induction months before his official retirement from competition.

After an over 8 year retirement, the DWF legend decided to return to the federation. Since he has won the Dream Title twice more and is the current World and Tag Team Champion. His partner is Cool Cancer Jiles. They were The Egg Bandits...

After a successful DREAM run, Doozer did a stint in other promotions before going into retirement once again. Now, revitalized, he is looking to make yet another impact.