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Thatcher Rex Biography


Real Name:  Thatcher Rex  
Nicknames:  Tyrant King  
Hometown:  Helena, Montana  
Birthday:  1/22/1982  
Height:  6'3  
Weight:  245 lbs 


Biography:  Thatcher Rex (born 1/22/1982) is an American professional wrestler best known for his work in Evolution Pro Wrestling, along with its progression into X3W. He was born in Helena, Montana. Rex makes an impact wherever he goes; since his run in EW, he has never gone through a company without holding a significant title reign. He has been a known and trusted ally to Graham Clauson and Madman Szalinski for years.

Thatcher is an honorable man, preferring fair play over duplicity. He takes dishonorable actions rather personally. 
Other Feds:  PCW, XWA, EW, EPW, X3W, CWC, SCW  
Other Fed Titles:  New Age Championship (x2, EW), Television Champion (EPW), Tag Team Champion (EPW), North American Champion (CWC), Roulette Championship (SCW)  
Other Fed Awards:  2009 Feud of the Year (EW), 2009 Match of the Year (EW)  

Superstar Quote

"Drop your dongs and grab your bongs, Madman's back!"

- Madman Szalinski

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