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Real Name:  Chuck Coogan  
Nicknames:  "The Master Class"  
Hometown:  City of Angels, CA  
Birthday:  5-1-77  
Height:  6'3"  
Weight:  255 lbs 


Biography:  Mr. Fantastic began his career in 1995, at the age of 18. He began with a few local independent shows near his hometown of Los Angeles. Was booked to work a series of house shows for a national promotion during a West Coast leg of their tour. The highlight of his run was a dark match during the taping of their weekly TV broadcast.

In 1996, Mr. Fantastic joined the a start-up promotion. Within six months, he captured their U.S. Championship. The league, unfortunately, folded before he could make his first title defense.

Later that year, the charismatic babyface joined a new league. With very little fanfare, Mr. Fantastic (who was now being managed by his long time associate, J.P. Richmond) went on a surprising winning streak. His winning ways paid off when he captured the U.S. Championship. Fanatastic's career took a surprising twist after lost the title. Fantastic turned heel and joined The Spectre in forming what would later be known as The Spawn. Fantastic and The Spectre led the way throughout the IWA, with both men capturing the world title and evening facing each other on several occassions!

Around the early 2000s, following the close of the IWA, re-joined The Spectre in the United Toughness Alliance. Again, the domination of the Spawn continued. After taking a sabbatical in 2002, he returned after being called out by UTA legend "The Southern Rebel" Ron Hall. He continued to perform until the UTA closed.

After the end of the original UTA's run, Mr. Fantastic left the business and opened the "Fantastic Fight Academy". The school has become one of the wrestling training centers in the country and has allowed Fantastic to stay in ring shape.

A call from an old friend, The Spectre, convinced Mr. Fantastic to end a 10-year hiatus and return to the UTA. Fantastic stunned the wrestling world by reforming The Spawn with The Spectre, and new teammate Crimson Lord, at Seasons Beatings 2014.