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Real Name:  Colton Jacobs  
Hometown:  Cleveland, Ohio  
Birthday:  11/25/1987  
Height:  6'3''  
Weight:  228 lbs 


Biography:  Colton Jacobs avoids discussing his personal life prior to moving to Liverpool, England in the fall of 2010. The next four and a half years were spent bartending during the day, while moonlighting as a bare knuckle fighter in the evening. His success in the back alley brawls led to his friend and employer at Thorpe's Pub, Stu Beckett, to reach out to North American wrestling promotions, seeking a better lifestyle and steady salary for Colt.

Having trained to become a professional wrestler prior to moving to Liverpool, the necessary skills were there, but it was Colt's drive that wasn't. Being the bastard child of the famous Jacob's clan soured his passion for the business, and he had no desire to be mentioned in the same breath as his biological relatives. It took a hard sell from Stu, but he was able to convince Colt of all that potentially awaited him in North America, but more importantly that he had the chance to rip his branch off the Jacob's family tree and cement his own legacy.

That is where the United Toughness Alliance entered the picture. Colt signed a non-guaranteed contract with the promotion, and relocated to Orlando, Florida: home of The Wrestlezone. Not wanting to compete under his birth surname, he elected to use Thorpe as a nod to the pub he worked at, as well lived above. While his signing drew criticism from the wrestling world, Colt proved naysayers wrong by winning the UTA Wildfire Championship on only his 85th day in the company.

The future certainly looks bright for this brash superstar, and he is well on his way to creating his own long lasting legacy in the wrestling world.