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Shawn FX Biography


Real Name:  Shawn Phillips  
Nicknames:  The Game Changer, The Best Around, The 60 Minute Man, The Working Man's Champion  
Hometown:  Orlando, Fl  
Birthday:  7/04/1975  
Height:  6'2  
Weight:  248 lbs 


Biography:  The Working Man's Champion was born Shawn Michael Phillips on July 4, 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was an avid wrestling fan growing up and never dreamed of anything else but being in the professional wrestling business.

Before training to become a pro wrestler he competed as an amateur wrestler and took a keen interest in martial arts. Growing up he idiolized Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Dam, Jackie Chan, and his favorite of all-time... the one and only Chuck Norris.

Shawn Phillips became Shawn FX after graduating from the Keening School of Grappling Arts. In July 1998 Shawn was hired by his first of many pro wrestling organizations, the Titan Championship Wrestling Alliance. After an impressive 8 month winning streak Shawn FX was awarded TCWA Rookie of the Year.

Shawn FX later ventured on into the much more hardcore renegade promotion, Xtreme Championship Wrestling. There he became the sidekick of David Daniel Tyrrell DDT. As a tag team they were known as the Foundation of Xtreme along with their slutty valet Amber. DDT left the promotion leaving Shawn FX with an opportunity to compete for the World championship. Shawn FX defeated Insane Shawn Cronic in the Battle of the Shawns to become the XCW Champion. Shawn FX defended the title against all comers until finally suffering his first televised loss to the surprise return of DDT. He lost the World title in the process.

Disenfranchised with dropping the title and not really being paid what he felt he was worth, Shawn FX joined ZyberTech Wrestling where he became a beloved fan favorite immediately. Everything clicked for him in zTw. Shawn won the Platinum championship and was on Cloud 9. Unfortunately, zTw mysteriously closed. Checks sent to Shawn began to bounce. That's when he immediately called Jim Johnson about joining the Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling.

During Shawn's time in PIW he was paired up with a manager, the self-proclaimed Most Honest Man in Professional Wrestling Chris Candid. After a nice push, Shawn FX became the PIW Television Champion and held the title for a record setting 456 days. PIW unceremoniously folded however causing Shawn to join jOlt.

With a chip on his shoulder, Shawn FX didn't last long in jOlt. He was immediately released from his contract and was blacklisted from competing in the Fans Wrestling Organization, the Championship Wrestling League, 21st Century Wrestling, the Specktacular Wrestling League, Legacy of Champions, and several other prominent promotions at the time. Shawn went on hiatus building and selling storage sheds until he received an unexpected phone call from Ryan Harms who owned SHOW Wrestling.

During Shawn's brief stinct with SHOW he became the SHOW Prime Champion. He later dropped the title during the promotion's last televised event. To add insult to injury his "wig" was removed to reveal he had a receding hairline and been trying to conceal it in an effort to look younger.

Next stop: No Brand Wrestling - In an epic worked shoot promo Shawn FX had choice words for the owner, the locker room, his former places of employment and No Brand Wrestling as a whole. No one was spared. It turned out Shawn FX was secretly under contract with the Superstar Wrestling Federation. It had been his lifelong dream to work there and it wasn't long until he appeared as a key member of the roster. SWF was bought out by the TCWA years later.

Currently, Shawn FX splits his time semi-retired contributing occasionally in the ring in WRESTLEUTA and behind the scenes on the independent circuit. His most notable contributions are to the local indy league he personally invested in, Total CARNAGE and on very rare occasions across the pond for United Kingdom Wrestling.

Update: Since Shawn FX was last seen in a WRESTLEUTA ring he and his wife have been training students interested in becoming pro wrestlers at his new school: Brainbuster University.

Shawn FX is interested in officially retiring from in-ring competition at age 40 next year and spending his time exclusively as a Head Trainer at his wrestling school and talent scout for VCW and ultimately UTA.
Other Feds:  Total CARNAGE, UKW, Orlando Pro, SWF, nbW, SHOW, jOlt, PIW, zTw, XCW, TCWA  
Other Fed Titles:  SHOW Prime Champion, PIW TV Champion, zTw Platinum Champion, XCW World Champion  
Other Fed Awards:  SHOW Match of the Week, PIW Rising Star, zTw Hall of Fame, XCW Most Improved, TCWA 1998 Rookie of the Year  


  • Life is like a box of chocolates... especially if someone shits in your box.
  • I kick your ass then I steal your shoes.
  • If Chance Von Crank joins UTA I'll shit in BOTH of his duffel bags. How's that for Double Duty?
  • Look at this! LOOK AT THIS! What the heck am I supposed to wear now? I've washed, and washed, and washed these damn things until I ran out of quarters and your Chance Von Cumstains won't come out!
  • When people say UTA I want them to think of exactly what those initials stand for: Unusually Talented Assholes

Superstar Quote

"If you looked this good, you'd understand. Course no one has ever looked this good so no one understands baby."

- Lucius Jones

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