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Scott Stevens Biography


Real Name:  Scott Stevens  
Nicknames:  The Scorpion  
Hometown:  Texas  
Birthday:  January 12, 1978  
Height:  6'6  
Weight:  256 lbs 


Biography:  Scott Stevens is a second generation wrestler. His father, Cary Stevens, is a legendary wrestler from Texas and in the Southern region during the territory days. He is a part of the Stevens Dynasty that includes middle brother, George Stevens, and his youngest brother, Ricky Stevens. In the recent few years his cousin, Bo Stevens, has been training to become a professional wrestler to continue the Stevens legacy.

Started professionally at the age of sixteen in his father’s company mainly as enhancement talent. At the age of eighteen and after graduating high school he began to work the independent scene on his own, but wasn’t getting much work because of his last name and people blacklisting him around the South do to promoters bad blood with his father. Fearing that his career was done before it started, Stevens decided to enroll in college on a baseball scholarship. Late in his junior year, he blew out his knee after colliding with the catcher on a slide to home plate, and was done for the season and his senior year as well.

After he graduated college, he was offered a minor league contract by Houston Astros affiliate, Corpus Christi Hooks. His first year with the Hooks he tore another ligament in his knee, and his baseball career was done. Once he recovered from his knee injury he decided to give wrestling another try full time, and he decided to travel oversees to hone his craft were his last name wouldn’t effect him.

After making a name for himself all over Europe and Asia he headed back to the States where he’s been competing ever since. 
Other Feds:  High Octane Wrestling, Legacy Pro Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles:  2x HOW World Champion, 3x HOW ICON champion, HOW LSD Champion, HOW Tag Team Champion, LPW World Champion, Boardwalk Wrestling Internet Champion  
Other Fed Awards:  2012 HOW Rookie of the Year, 2015 War Games Champion (Team HOW)  

Superstar Quote

"Do not murder if you can injure. Do not injure unless they earn it."

- Elvis McDonald

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