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Sabrina Baker Biography


Real Name:  Sabrina Madison Baker  
Hometown:  Cambridge, Ohio  
Birthday:  June 8th, 1987  
Height:  5'4  
Weight:  135 lbs 


Biography:  Sabrina Baker wasn't supposed to be a wrestler. Her mother and father didn't want her to become a wrestler knowing the risks that her brother went through and made him messed up along the way. However, Sabrina wanted to prove that she wasn't like that and became her own person.

Sabrina would train to become a wrestler and even have a try out for a promotion based in Canada, where she would face off against her former boyfriend at the time. She impressed officials, but needed some work. After going to a local gym in Ohio, Sabrina honored her craft and worked to become the wrestler she needed to be. Sabrina would eventually sign with one promotion, but she got her biggest break in a promotion based in California.

Her run in the promotion started out slow, but along the way, she worked her way to the top. She showed everyone how much she could take others to the limit as she did that, but came up short with losing the title. However, on December 1st, 2014, in the Main Event of their show, Sabrina would win their mid card Championship for the first time. She would hold it and controversially held it until she was "let go" due to reasons unknown. After taking some time, she got a call from the UTA, stating that slots were opened and that they would like to have her on the roster for the time being. Sabrina accepted this offer, but knew that this could be her last hooray.

She's also the Sister in Law of Amy Harrison. They are family, but Sabrina doesn't approve of Amy's actions. 
Other Feds:  GPW  
Other Fed Titles:  West Coast Champion (1)  
Other Fed Awards:   


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