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Ruster Reno Biography


Real Name:  Ruster Reno  
Nicknames:  Romeo, God's Gift, The Beautiful Package  
Hometown:  Los Angeles, California  
Birthday:  November 4th, 1990  
Height:  6'4"  
Weight:  247 lbs. lbs 


Biography:  A cocky and arrogant man, but no one can doubt the fact that he definitely is a womaniser. He carries a near-perfect body and has the perfect looks, and always presents himself well. His biggest fear is coming across someone who can rival himself in all these departments.Having won several modelling awards, more famously the runner-up of the New York Model of the Year, Reno decided to try his hand at wrestling to gain revenge on the actual winner Dan Stein who, at the time, was wrestling at True Talent Wrestling. Since gaining a slight measure of revenge, Reno went back to modelling following a break from the industry, but now would like to return to wrestling for a different purpose. Not revenge, but success. 
Other Feds:  jOlt, sVo, IWF, TTW  
Other Fed Titles:   
Other Fed Awards:   

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