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Marie Van Claudio Biography


Real Name:  Marie Thersea Van Claudio  
Hometown:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
Birthday:  April 15th, 1989  
Height:  5'8  
Weight:  130 lbs 


Biography:  Marie Van Claudio seems like a well-known name in UTA. Throughout the ups and downs, she's stood with the company from the time she joined. There's a reason why she's loyal to the company.

In October of 2014, Marie signed with the company, only to have her first match on Victory against Kush in a loss and would impress along the way. She would have matches against Zhalia Fears and Mikey Unlikey, but it was her match against Jalante that put the UTA on notice on what she was capable of doing. That match would end in a no contest.

Marie promised herself in 2015 that she would make a HUGE mark in the company. She brought her then husband Preston Stuart with her and the year started out with a bang. On an Episode of Victory, Marie shocked the whole entire company by defeating the "First Lady of the UTA", Kathryn Velmont Thomas and taking the name that Kathryn gave herself away from her. Marie lived to that name for the time being until March of 2015.

In March of 2015, Marie had to take a hiatus due to "personal issues", leading her to stop the momentum she was having in the year. She would return in Late May of that year on an episode of Victory by defeating Blackbeard. From there, she would enter the Ring King tournament, only to defeated in the first round, but from there. Marie's career would change for the better.

On July 6th, 2015, she had the biggest match of her career and that was for the UTA World Championship. There were a lot of critics and doubters weeks before the match even happened, leaving to Marie wonder if she was ready to be on top of the company. In typical Van Claudio fashion, Marie shut her critics up and took the then World Champion, La Flama Blanca to the limit and nearly won the championship from him, but thanks to shenanigans from Dynasty, the World Championship didn't change, leaving her without a title.

From there, Marie would become respected by her peers and along the way, she would have matches against Cayle Murray, BR Ellis, Ron Hall, Lew Smith, Team Danger and Amy Harrison, who would betray her after their ladder match at International Affair 2015. Marie was hellbent and started a rivalry with her former friend. Before the whole thing could be resolved, UTA shut it's doors in February 2016, leaving Marie to become a free agent.

In mid 2016, it was announced that she would return to the company for the Women's Division. Marie hopes to become one of the leading faces of the women's division and hopefully one day become their first Women's Champion.

On August 14th, 2016, that dream was finally accomplished after Marie Van Claudio overcame the odds in the battle royal to finally achieve her dream and become the first Women's Champion.

UTA Awards:   
UTA Championships:  UTA Women's Champion (1x)  


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