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Lew Smith Biography


Real Name:  Lew Smith  
Nicknames:  Ominous Angel  
Hometown:  Frimley, England  
Height:  6'1  
Weight:  216 lbs 


Biography:  Getting into wrestling when he was young, his main influence was his brother, Scruff. They would invite friends over every month and film their own wrestling Pay Per Views on their trampoline, where each member had their own persona to play and story lines to follow. This would be his first exposure to wrestling entertainment, apart from what he saw on TV and it was called TW (Trampoline Wrestling). After growing up, Scruff joined EWA and a short time later after dealing with personal issues, Lew followed and joined as 'The Fallen Angel' in February 2009. It was at this company that Lew was to meet VCW's development leader, James Ranger, better known as 'Black Mamba'. Lew's old school friend, Jordan, turned up shortly into his career there and waddled his way into becoming Lew's manager. Nine months in, November 18th 2009, Lew finally scored high with his brother winning the Tag Team Titles known as the 'Synergy Championships'. They ended up being three time holders. Upon closing his career, Scruff had left Lew in EWA to go back home. Lew had no partner for his Tag Titles. They ended up being vacated as Lew couldn't (more like wouldn't) find someone else to be his partner for his upcoming title defense match. He was left with a title he had won during this period, being the EWA Legacy Champion. Lew won this title on the 29th August 2010 against Casper King and held it for a recorded thirty five days. Lew then joined his brother in leaving. Lew still attended events as a guest and had mingled with the roster, friend and foe through local social media and kept a close eye on the records. It wasn't long after until EWA officially announced it's shut down. Lew no longer had a wrestling outlet. His brother was no longer his guide as he went onto other interests, Lew was all alone, getting a place by himself and willowing away his pay from his year career at EWA, he fell into a dark pit of self loathing and lost touch with his health. Little is known what Lew did for the next three years but Lew kept in strong contact with Mr. Ranger and was informed of VCW (Valor Championship Wrestling) on the 1st December 2013. Lew kept dealing with his unknown issues during this time, despite being quoted, in his opinion, as one of Mr. Ranger's "top champs" Lew was eventually approached by a long lost face, Jordan. Mr. Ranger had contacted Lew's old manager and offered Lew a contract to get started. After Jordan's brief visit, Lew sought to improve himself once more. It was on the 4th March 2014 that Lew officially signed a contract with UTA's development league to kick start his continued career as 'The Ominous Angel'. Shortly after his debut loss against Hex Girl, on the 13th April 2014, Lew had a title match with Xander Hayes, David GS and Matthew Miguel at VCW's Pay Per View 'Rolling Thunder I'. Lew went on to beat Xander Hayes for the vacant VCW Championship. Following what was a rather glorious returning win, his future seemed bright until an upcoming rival stood in his way. Dick Fury. He then went on to lose the VCW Championship to Fury on the 13th July 2014. A short time after this loss and Lew was moved up into the big time, UTA (United Toughness Alliance). Ever since his loss with Fury, Lew's luck has been declining massively, having a shocking Win, Loss, Draw record of Four, Thirteen, One by the end of Wrestleshow XXIX 2014. 
Other Feds:  EWA  
Other Fed Titles:  N/A  
Other Fed Awards:  3x EWA Synergy Champion / 1x EWA Legacy Champion  


  • "Where's a bin when you need one?"
  • "I believe in a tri-outcome system. Good, Neutral and Bad. Good being in your favour, Neutral being the outcome with both positive and negative side effects and the Bad? Well, let's just stay away from that."
  • "Anger and Rage are the languages of Demons. There's bound to be a monster in all of us."
  • "Once ' The Fallen Angel', now 'The Ominous Angel'."

Superstar Quote

"I am unshackled, unbound by The Spawn!"

- Crimson Lord

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