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Kirk Irving Biography


Real Name:  Kirk Devante Irving  
Nicknames:  The Ace, Mr. Incredible, The True Professional Wrestler  
Hometown:  Houston, Texas  
Birthday:  2/6/90  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  236 lbs 


Biography:  An uber athlete, Kirk was an All-American Linebacker in high school and went on to college to do the same. His deep love for wrestling would cancel his former dreams of being drafted into the NFL and have him taking a career in wrestling.

He proved to be a great talent in the independent scene, showing off his versatility in the ring from technical, brawling, and even some high risk maneuvers. His “quarterback of the defense” position in football really worked out as he was able to react very quickly to wide varieties of situations.

James Mathew Wingate Jr. soon heard of Kirk’s great athleticism and talents and decided to give him a contract to his newly resurrected UTA. This is the beginning of “Mr. Incredible’s” journey...
Other Feds:  None  
Other Fed Titles:  None  
Other Fed Awards:  None  


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Superstar Quote

"To beat a villain, you have to be a BETTER villain"

- John Sektor

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