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Real Name:  Lance Mikes  
Nicknames:  The Definition of Perfection; Yours Truly; The Lion; Worlds Greatest Athlete; The Human Hype; The Lyrical Enigma  
Hometown:  Manchester England  
Birthday:  13.06.1985  
Height:  6'7"  
Weight:  247 lbs 


Biography:  Lance Mikes grew up in Manchester, England. His family wasn't well off but they managed to get by. Lance took a liking to wrestling during high school but wasn't actually able to train until he joined college. He trained at NWA: Hammerlock Wrestling in England whiles he studied college. He already knew at this point he was going to be a wrestling.

He travelled the world after finishing training at the age of 18. He studied and trained all around the world, learning his trade in Japan, England and America.