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Jason Cashe Biography


Real Name:  Jason Cashe  
Nicknames:  "Influential", "The Troubled One"  
Hometown:  Born in Decatur, GA. Resides in Houston, TX  
Birthday:  9/6/1985  
Height:  6'0"  
Weight:  225-230 lbs 


Biography:  Being in the business since 01' Jason Cashe (Formerly Kash) has seen almost everything. Been stabbed by fans, cut by rivals, kidnapped a rival's girlfriend and threatened to not only marry her but "violate" her. He even drank Milk of Magnesia and pooped on the windshield of someone's Limo. He has been called many things, has earned many championships. Multiple Time World Champion, Cashe has come a far way from being a Dope Dealer in the streets of Atlanta Georgia to being a name in the world of Wrestling. Now going by his Legal Name of Cashe, Jason Cashe is now heading into a new direction of his storied career. His sights set on cementing his Family name in the History books just as he had done with the "Kash" name. 
Other Feds:  4CW  
Other Fed Titles:  38 Championships held since 2001. 13 Time (Top Tier) Champion, 13 Time (Mid/Upper Tier) Champion, 8 Time (Hardcore/Extreme Style) Champion, 4 Time Tag Team Champion  
Other Fed Awards:  2011 APW OOC Person Of The Year Winner, 2011 APW Tag Team Of The Year (Organized Violence w/Shane Borderland), APW GRAND SLAM CHAMPION (APW), 2014 4CW Wrestler Of The Year, 2014 4CW Male Wrestler Of The Year, 2014 ORC Male Wrestler Of The Year (Runner Up)  


  • "You're In Deep Shit like a Dookie Plunger!"
  • "DA-Oush!"
  • "Hit you with so many Uppercuts, it'll look like you're Nodding Yes!"

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"Count On It"

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