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Ian Michaels Hate Biography


Real Name:  Christopher Anthony Williams  
Nicknames:  Hate, IM Hate  
Hometown:  Charlotte, North Carolina  
Birthday:  12/11/1989  
Height:  6'5  
Weight:  260 lbs 


Biography:  Ian is the son of Travis Williams. His uncle, Brian Titan trained him in Japanese Style Wrestling. Ian is a third generation wrestler, as his mother was also a wrestler for a few years, her brother, and their father. So Ian comes from a family of wrestlers.

Ian did not really grow up with his dad around, as his mom and dad never married and often were on the outs with one another. Ian's mom never wanted him in wrestling, but the son soon fell in the father's footsteps.

Ian has wrestled for Hostility winning tag team titles and extreme title. He also was in the last rebuild of DREAM. Ian wants one thing he has not had yet, a main title for a promotion. 
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  • Hate only festers, it never dies!

Superstar Quote

"The dharma of a champion demands a fight worthy of victory, and not even a bit less."

- Kush

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