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Howard King Biography


Real Name:  Howard King  
Nicknames:  The Mayor  
Hometown:  New Shoreham, Rhode Island  
Birthday:  November 17th  
Height:  6'3"  
Weight:  225 lbs 


Biography:  Howard King was the mayor of a small coastal city called New Shoreham, Rhode Island. He was born and raised there and followed the family pedigree of being a politician. His father, grandfather, and uncle also served on the Rhode Island state senate. However, Howard just stuck to being mayor.

Three years into his mayoral term everything went haywire. Howard was indicted on the misuse of government funds, wire fraud, and securities fraud. While all of that sounds bad, he had the luck of falling into the jurisdiction of a judge who received some "kickbacks" from his dealings and was given a much lighter sentence than was to be expected.

Howard has been sentenced to 2 years in prison and has been granted a special work-release program which will allow him to wrestle. 
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