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Fill Biography


Real Name:  Fill  
Nicknames:  Man Of Himself  
Hometown:  Shumen,Bulgaria  
Birthday:  17.04.1990  
Height:  6"6"  
Weight:  225 lbs 


Biography:  Fill has spend almost his whole life in his home country Bulgaria in a small city called Shumen. Over the years he started feeling disgusted with most people's behaviour and he started training ot become a wrestler so he could keep them away.Around the end of 2012 he decide to join WWX where he was eventually able to capture some of their titles and become part of two teams with which he was able to accomplish tag team success.One was Violent Tendencies with The Jester, and the other When Worlds Collide with Rayne and Korath.A little after The Jester left WWX because of a career threatening injury he took on a breakdown due to stress and he slightly changed his attitude.Later on in 2013 he joined GEW where he rejoined his teammates from both former teams as he was once again able to capture tag team gold with Jester.Around that same time he had joined VCW for a few months, but was able to compete only in a few matches.The Jester's injuries came back to life and Fill was forced to make a decision to either vacate the tag team titles, choose a new partner or defend them on his own. He chose the third option and to his surprise he was abducted by an unknown man.During that same time he disappeared from both GEW and VCW. Since then he hadn't been seen or heard of in any other federation until speculations came up that he has been watching over VCW with the option of returning. 
Other Feds:  WWX,VCW  
Other Fed Titles:  WWX International Title,WWX Tag Team Title,GEW Tag Tea Title  
Other Fed Awards:   

Superstar Quote

"I'll cut him down to size. Be sure of that."

- La Flama Blanca

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