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Real Name:  Jacque LaRoque  
Nicknames:  Big Frenchie, le Feu, the Frog, the Frenchman, the Platinum Prince  
Hometown:  Nice, France though currently residing in Amsterdam  
Birthday:  June 10th, 1985  
Height:  6'5  
Weight:  284 lbs 


Biography:  Jacque LaRoque comes to the UTA after years of building his name around the European wrestling scene, starting at the age of 16 until the present of his 29th year on the Earth. A proud Frenchman, Jacque is the sixth LaRoque to pursue wrestling fame and, according to many, he has the highest ceiling in terms of ability, business smarts, and determination.

LaRoque was exiled from his homeland in 2006 for multiple violations of property law, assault, and public indecency. The drug charges were dropped, we heard, and his punishment was never to be allowed to wrestle in France again. This was exile to Jacque and caused his move to a place where he could do a lot of the other things he enjoys legally - Amsterdam - and keep wrestling.

LaRoque began wrestling in the US in 2011 around lower tier establishments but has earned himself a decent living doing so. He has held gold, once, for a Tag Team championship with his brother, Cesar. He comes to UTA after hearing of the Ring King tournament and is setting his goals even higher.