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Corbin Biography


Real Name:  Marcus Corbin  
Nicknames:  "The Reaper", "Mors Himself"  
Hometown:  Tombstone, Arizona  
Birthday:  01/13/1980  
Height:  6'5  
Weight:  255 lbs 


Biography:  A biker. A motorhead. A beer drinker. A brawler. A man who loves a good bar fight. All of these things describe Corbin to a 'T'. 
Other Feds:  Warriors of Wrestling. :)  
Other Fed Titles:   
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  • "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

Superstar Quote

"Instead of putting that money into an account for their kid’s college fund or putting it in their piggy bank for a Disney World vacation… they fork it over just to boo me? To boo Dynasty? No, no, no… It’s not JUST to do all that. It’s to see what happens next."

- La Flama Blanca

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