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Conrad Teller Biography


Real Name:  Conrad Teller  
Nicknames:  Convict, Con, Inmate Number 31685-066  
Hometown:  Riverhead, NY  
Birthday:  04/20/1987  
Height:  5'10"  
Weight:  248 lbs 


Biography:  Conrad Teller grew up just outside New York City as an only child to a somewhat dysfunctional family. Teller spent his youth a latchkey kid, which led to him spending a lot of time on the streets. After getting mixed up in the wrong crowd, Teller was sent to a juvenile detention facility when he was only 14 years old. At the age of 18 Con was transferred to Allenwood Penitentiary were he served the remaining 10 years of his 14 year sentence. Recently released, dated to the 90's and somewhat unsure how to act outside of prison, Convict gravitates towards the only profession that makes sense... fighting. After managing to secure a position with VCW, Conrad quickly gained the Wildfire Championship as well as the confidence of the UTA - as Teller was quickly brought up from VCW and entered into the UTA roster. Here he looks to create a life for himself. 
Other Feds:  VCW  
Other Fed Titles:  VCW Wildfire Championship  
Other Fed Awards:  none  


  • Hi, my name is Conrad and I'm a convict.
  • You can believe that!
  • Everyone in Solitary Confinement snaps eventually!
  • Tap or snap!
  • Tell Con Teller!

Superstar Quote

"Do not murder if you can injure. Do not injure unless they earn it."

- Elvis McDonald

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