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Cayle Murray Biography

Fed Info

Fed Awards:  Most Popular Wrestler 2015  
Fed Titles:   



Physical Attributes


Wrestling Info

Alignment:  Face
Manager:  n/a
Wrestling Style:  Athletic All-Rounder  
Finisher:  1. Chainbreaker, 2. Air Raid  
Finisher Description:  1. Vertical suplex sitout side slam (, 2. Springboard Corkscrew 450 Splash.  
Setup Move:  Pele Kick  
Setup Description:  Exactly what you think it is. Please don't use this as a finisher.  
Special Moves:  Live from the Underground (imploding 450 Splash)
Silver Bullet (falling, Double-Arm DDT)
Sling Blade (just like yer boy Tanahashi)
Highland Hangover (hanging Vertical Fisherman’s Buster)
Toothrattler (Discus Elbow)
ShuttheEFFuppercut (Flapjack dropped into a European Uppercut) 
Other Moves:  Lariat, discus elbow, enziguri, spear, Sling Blade, lifting inverted DDT, springboard forearm, springboard dropkick, dropkick, standing moonsault, inverted head-drop hurricanrana, backbreaker, mafia kick. 
Strengths:  Athleticism: excellent speed, stamina and agility. Sets a blistering pace that many struggle to match.

Offence: hard-hitting, impactful offence that when combined with his speed can flatten multiple foes within a few seconds. If he finds a rhythm, you’re in trouble.

Creativity: refuses to adhere to conventional wrestling styles and regularly comes-up with weird/unique moves/spots in difficult situations.

Charisma: always has the crowd in the palm of his hand and specialises in using their energy as momentum.

Heart: gritty, determined and ready to bite down on his mouthpiece and go through hell to secure a victory. He’s never out of a fight mentally. 
Weaknesses:  Morals: lives to set a positive example and adheres to a strict moral code, regardless of the consequences.

Recklessness: takes big risks, and sometimes they don’t pay-off.

Chain wrestling: Cayle’s not incompetent on the mat, but any chain wrestling specialist is going to have his/her way with him down there.

The past: he’s blown a lot of big chances and been in and out of rehab in the past. Heels can/will/should manipulate this.

Size: an advantage at times, but one big power move from a gigantic bruiser is going to give him nightmares. 
Entrance Music:  "Sinister Rouge" by Bad Religion  
Ring Entrances:  A quick burst of TV static plunges the arena into darkness, before the breakneck start to “Sinister Rouge” by Bad Religion summons a storm of red and white strobes at the top of the ramp. Clouds of smoke form and billow around the stage, obscuring all in the area.

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A huge pyrotechnic explosion erupts as the first verse hits, and Cayle Murray steps out from the fog, gazing around the arena and running an extended finger pistol across the horizon. He’s soon on his way, and throws his hood back before jogging down to the ring, slapping hands with some fans to the left and then some to the right.

Announcer: Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland...

Cayle soon reaches the ring and rolls beneath the bottom rope. He makes his way to a corner once inside and hops onto the second turnbuckle. After a few seconds of gawking around the building with a hand over his brow like a lookout he throws both arms to his side.

Announcer: Standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 220 pounds...

He stays atop the turnbuckle for the chorus' duration, then loosens his posture and drops his arms. Murray can't help but smile at the crowd's positive vibes.

Announcer: Cayle Murray!

Commentator Last Name 1:

Finally, Cayle hops down from the turnbuckles and uzips his hoodie. He tosses it aside and takes to a corner, loosening his muscles and preparing for a fight.

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Superstar Quote

"Hi, my name is Conrad and I'm a convict."

- Conrad Teller

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