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August Monday Biography


Real Name:  August Monday  
Nicknames:  the Raging Fear, Fear Dot Com, the Innovator of Insurance Policies, Old Grizzly Bastard, the Portland Powerhouse  
Hometown:  Portland, Oregon  
Birthday:  18th of August, 1971  
Height:  6'4"  
Weight:  323 lbs 


Biography:  I guess I oughta get somethin' down here. Jus' ta give you kids a bit'f an idea as to who and what I really am.

16 years old wrestlin' prodigy throw it all out the window fer killin' his girlfriend in a car accident. Well, killin' her good enough a machine needs to take care of her. If I ever get that way promise me you'll put a bullet in my brain. I'll owe you one.

Lose my shit and paralyse some kid in my dad's bar which puts me in prison for a little while. Wrestling comes in handy to keep my asshole tight.

Get out and get in the biz, wrestlin' as 'Rage'. I know, original right? Well... I trek through the traps and winnin' a couple titles here and there 'til finally I just kinda give it away and jump in here and there.

Found out I had a daughter. Turns out she was the reason they left Ellen plugged in. I never knew coz I never could look at Ellen like that. Guess I'm glad now.

Now that me and my girl get to spend our lives together. Me and her. And my grandson, Adam. Brock Shepherd's boy. 
Other Feds:  IWL, EOW, IcWa, Kage Fighting Inc, thReat, the Asylum, WWC, Spinebuster Wrestling, LoC, PRIME, SCCW, IGC  
Other Fed Titles:  IWL Hardcore Champion, IWL Hardcore Tag Team Champion (the Raging Locomotives w/- the Bullseye Kid), EOW Television Champion, EOW World Champion, Kage Fighting Inc. Champion, Infinite Gauntlet Championship, SCCW Strength In Number Championship (w/- April  
Other Fed Awards:   

Superstar Quote

"Defeat is all in the perspective."

- Perfection

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